Returnal Developer Housemarque Officially Added To The PlayStation Studios Website After It's Acquisition Last Month

Housemarque, the team behind the classic PS4 launch title Resogun and the recently released PS5 exclusive Returnal, was acquired by Sony on 29th July '2021. 

Now, 4 weeks after the acquisition, Housemarque has been added to the official PlayStation Studios website. 

PlayStation Studios are a family of first-party studios owned by Sony. Before Housemarque's acquisition, the group was 12 strong, not including Sony Xdev, a team that solely collaborates with second party teams on PlayStation games. 

Before their acquisition, Housemarque enjoyed a long working relationship with Sony, dating back all the way to Super Stardust HD for the PS3 in 2007. Alongside the notable Resogun and Returnal, Housemarque also worked with Sony to create and publish 2010's Dead Nation, 2012's Super Stardust Delta, 2016's Alienation, and 2017's Matterfall.

On the PlayStation Studios website, Housemarque has been described as, "the studio behind mega hit Returnal". While nothing remarkable in terms of a caption, it does show that Sony has found Returnal to be a success for the platform and brand. 

However, it must be noted that the banner at the top of the page that displays iconic characters from PlayStation Studios games, has not been changed or edited to include a character from any Housemarque game. It also must be noted that such an image does exist, as it was used in a tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter account during the acquisition announcement and features Selene from Returnal, alongside Ellie from The Last of Us and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, as seen below.

Returnal was the 3rd most downloaded game in the US/Canada, and the 4th most downloaded game in Europe during its launch month of April earlier this year, even though it was out for only one day that month, as it launched on the 30th of April.

In addition, the recently formed Team ASOBI has been moved from Japan Studio's old slot on the page, between Insomniac Games and London Studio, to the first slot on the page, to better suit the alphabetical arrangement. 



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