Finest Deals Available In The PlayStation Store Planet Of Discounts Sale, Ends July 21st

Bringing along with it discounts and deals on more than 400 games on the PlayStation Store comes the Planet of Discounts sale. 

The sale includes discounts up to 80% off on games like Atlus' Persona 5 and Ken Levine's Bioshock for PS4. 

All the prices listed below are in USD and the games are listed in alphabetical order. 

Here are some of the finest deals available in the Planet of Discounts sale...

Last sale's article started off with a flight sim game that returns this time out too. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown gets a 75% discount, dropping its price down to $14.99. 

If you want to play a doomed and destroyed game then you're in luck. Bioware's catastrophic Anthem, which got its revival canceled earlier this year, gets a price cut to $13.99 with 80% off. 

For old and new Assassin's Creed fans alike, there is stuff here for the whole lot of you. Assassin's Creed III: Remastered goes 70% off to $11.99, and Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered goes 67% off to $9.89. The Assassin's Creed Bundle, which includes AC Origins, AC Odyssey, and AC Valhalla, gets a 55% discount to $71.99. 

The historic CRPGs Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Bundle gets a 60% discount. It now costs $19.99. 

When BioShock came out in 2007 it was a huge critical success. Now with remastered ports for the PS4, BioShock Remastered and BioShock 2 Remastered get 25% discounts to $14.99 each. 

Gearbox's Borderlands Legendary Collection is 60% off at $19.99. This package includes Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. 

Control: Ultimate Edition is 50% of at $19.99. The Ultimate Edition comes with the base game and its two DLC expansion packs. 

2019's Days Gone, which recently has its sequel pitch denied by Sony, as well as receiving a PC port, gets a 40% discount, dropping its price down to $23.99. 

The massively popular Dead by Daylight goes on sale for $14.99 with a 50% discount. 

2020 Game of the Year nominee Doom Eternal gets a 67% discount. Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition now costs $29.69. 

The confusingly named DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ- Fighterz Edition is 80% off at $18.99. The Fighterz Edition includes the main game and the Fighterz Pass, which brings 8 new fighters to the roster. 

Media Molecule's brilliant game creation platform Dreams gets a solid 50% discount, dropping its cost down to $9.99. 

The PS5's poorly received launch title Godfall goes on sale for $34.99 with 50% off. 

Sony Santa Monica's God of War III Remastered gets a 50% discount, dropping its price down to $9.99.

The Grand Theft Auto series is incredibly famous and popular. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, which includes GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas, goes on sale for $17.49 with 50% off. 

2016's Hitman- Game of the Year Edition gets a 75% discount to $14.99. This edition includes the base game as well as the "Patient Zero" bonus campaign. 

Just Cause 4- Gold Edition goes on sale. It now costs $11.99 with 80% off. The Gold Edition includes the base game and the Expansion Pass. 

Lets the dance begin! Just Dance 2020 gets a 50% discount to $19.99, and Just Dance 2021 gets a 55% discount to $22.49. 

KINGDOM HEARTS All-In-One Package goes on sale with a 75% price cut. It now costs $24.99. The package includes KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX, KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and KINGDOM HEARTS 3. Also SquareEnix, why is "KINGDOM HEARTS" in capital letters? Why?

Little Nightmares Complete Edition goes 75% off to $7.49. 

Madden NFL 21 Superstar Edition is $19.99 with 75% off. This edition includes three bonus players to add to your ultimate team roster. 

MediEvil, the remake of the 1998 game by the same name, gets a 50% discount, dropping its price down to $14.99. 

Capcom's great Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition is $29.99 with 25% off. This edition includes the base game and the massive Iceborne expansion. 

Hockey game NHL 21: Rewind Bundle is 50% off at $32.49. The bundle includes the NHL 21 base game, as well as NHL 94 Rewind. 

From a bad launch to the revitalisation of the game, No Man's Sky goes 40% off to $35.99. 

Crazy and chaotic co-op cooking game Overcooked! 2 is $12.49 with 50% off. 

2017's brilliant PS4 exclusive Persona 5 gets a 55% discount to $8.99. 2021 spin-off game Persona 5 Strikers gets a 35% discount to $38.99. 

Plague Inc Evolved costs $4.49 with 70% off. 

Insomniac's 2016 reboot of Ratchet & Clank goes on sale for $9.99 with 50% off. With the recent release of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, now is a great time to revisit the origins of the franchise with modern visuals and gameplay mechanics for the PS4. Playing on PS5 with backward compatibility will be aided by a next-gen patch the game received earlier this year. 

Two of Capcom's remakes in their survival horror series go on sale. RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake is $15.99 with 60% off, and RESIDENT EVIL 3 Remake is $19.79 with 67% off. In addition, 2017's mainline entry RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard goes on sale for $9.99 with 50% off. 

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Years Celebration is 80% off at $5.99. The edition includes the Rise of the Tomb Raider base game and a bunch of bonus content like VR support, a co-op endurance mode, a zombie combat mode, and more. 

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game- Complete Edition gets the honors for the longest name on this list. The game goes on sale for $9.74 with 35% off. 

Bluepoint Games' gorgeous 2018 remake of Shadow of the Colossus gets a 50% discount, dropping its price down to $9.99.

Roguelike card game Slay the Spire is $12.49 with 50% off. 

Terraria PS4 Edition also gets a 50% price cut. It now costs $9.99.

Ubisoft's open-world racer The Crew 2 goes 75% off to $12.49. 

The Division 2- Warlords of New York Edition gets a massive 70% off, dropping its price down to $17.99. For more Division, check out Tom Clancy's The Division Franchise Bundle which includes Division 1 and 2. The bundle is $16.49 with 70% off. 

NaughyDog's heartful and deep masterpiece The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 gets a 50% discount to $9.99. 

Soulslike game The Surge 2 is $12.49 with 75% off. If you also want to play the first Surge game, look out for The Surge 1 & 2- Dual Pack at $17.99 with 70% off. As per the name, the pack includes Surge 1 and 2. 

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint goes 75% off to $14.99. 

UFC 4 is yet another sports game from EA. It costs $29.99 at 50% off. 

The Uncharted series is synonymous with PlayStation, with its first three games coming out on the PS3. Enter Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection, which brings remasters of Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 to the PS4. The collection is 50% off, and a great value of money when you consider you're getting three solid titles for only $9.99. 

Microsoft-owned inXile's 2020 CRPG Wasteland 3 gets a 50% discount, dropping its price down to $29.99. 

From another studio that's now owned by Microsoft comes Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Machine Games' 2017 alternate history fps is 70% off at $11.99. 

Yakuza Kiwami is 75% off at $4.99, and Yakuza Kiwami 2 is 50% off at $9.99. 2020's excellent Yakuza: Like a Dragon Hero Edition is $41.99 with 40% off. 

And that's the finest deals available in the PlayStation Store Planet of Discounts sale. The sale runs throughout most of July and ends on the 21st. 

Check out all the games on sale with your local prices on the PlayStation Store