Team ASOBI Officially Announced As The Newest Internal Team Within PlayStation Studios

 On 3rd June, a tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter account announced that "Team ASOBI is the newest internal team within the PlayStation studios family." The announcement comes alongside a blog post on the official PlayStation Blog, introducing Team ASOBI to fans around the world.

This announcement comes following news earlier in 2021, in which Sony sent out a statement to various media outlets confirming that the historic Japan Studio was being downsized after spending most of the last generation working with external teams on the production of 2nd and 3rd party PlayStation games. The studio was to be recentered around the internal Team ASOBI.

Team ASOBI was first assembled in 2012 to work on tech demos for the upcoming new hardware. The team has gone on to make Astro Bot Rescue Mission on PSVR and Astro's PLAYROOM on PS5, which both served as tech demos and showcases for their respective pieces of hardware. 

An extract from the PlayStation Blog post reads: 

"In Japanese language, the word "Asobu" literally means "To Play" and so we settled on "Asobi". Those simple five letters were a surprisingly fitting name with a good sound to it and it stuck!"

A brand new logo for the team is set to feature in all of their future productions, even though they are still an internal team at JAPAN Studio and not an autonomous studio in the PlayStation Studios family. 

The blog post also shares that "Team ASOBI is now spreading its wing and growing bigger". This tells us that the studio is probably hiring new talent and is going to develop games on a larger scale in the future, making its games akin to what the other big teams at PlayStation Studios are making.

The studio is also "launching [its] own social channels on Twitter and Instagram to keep [us] updated on all things Team ASOBI!"

The new officialized Team ASOBI remains an internal team at Sony's JAPAN Studio as seen from the PlayStation Studios page on that lists JAPAN Studio as a part of the PlayStation Studios family with no mention of Team ASOBI, but it is possible that the Tokyo based studio is officially rebranded as Team ASOBI in the near future. 

For now, Team ASOBI is the newest internal team at PlayStation Studios and it will be interesting to see how far they can take Sony's newfound charming platformer mascot. 


It seems as if the announcement of the studio wasn't just informing the public about an internal team within JAPAN Studio, but rather the announcement of Team ASOBI as one of the 12 teams in PlayStation Studios. 

The PlayStation Studios page on has now been updated. JAPAN Studio has been replaced by Team ASOBI, which the site describes as, 'the team behind the PS5 exclusive Astro's Playroom. 

It is now clear that Team ASOBI is an individual studio underneath the PlayStation Studios banner rather than just an internal team at JAPAN Studio, joining the likes of Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, and more.