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I Finally Played The Last Of Us, 9 Years Later (Review)

In a world absent of hope, find something worth fighting for. Source: PlayStation The Last of Us is an incredible game. It takes you on a heart-wrenching journey through a devastated infection-ridden United States, a roller coaster ride that throws everything at you until you turn the final corner and see a rainbow at the end of the road. The game accompanies this rich narrative with surprisingly deep and satisfying combat, beautiful visuals, and some of the best goddamn music I have ever heard. The Last of Us might not be a perfect game. But when it plays to its strengths, it comes pretty damn close. *spoiler warning* Learning To Love In The Last of Us, you play Joel Miller, a hardened smuggler living in a post-apocalyptic America. The apocalypse: well, it’s a virus that turns the people it infects into zombies. Joel’s daughter Sarah was killed on the day of the outbreak. 20 years later, Joel still pains thinking about her death. His watch, which cracked when Sarah died, remains a

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